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Long-EZ Project For Sale, Pensacola, FL


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For Sale:


Paper Work:

Orginal Plans with s/n

All Full size templets/plans (the 'A' drawings)

All Canard Newsletters - going back to when the newsletter was the VariViggen News.


Roncz Canard Plans

New rudder plans

Flush rudder plans

Debbie's Book

Engine Install


New & untouched:

Landing gear (main & nose) struts

Main & Nose Wheels, Tires, tubes, brakes & master cyl

Nose Wheel fitting and retraction mech

Fiberglass for nose wheel well & tunnel

Canopy uncut & clear

Complete hardware kit - AN Nuts & Bolts

Ken Brock parts

Original and Roncz Canard hardware also from Ken Brock

Speed brake hardware

Throttle quadrant hardware

Flight control system tubing & universals, bellcranks etc.



Epoxy Ratio Pump



Foam, BID, UNI & Spar Cap Tap For canard, wing strakes, and more



Fuselage Tub (about chapter 8)



Centersection Spar


Would like to sell all together and is priced accordingly at $3,500.


Please contact via private message.



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To post a private message, click on my name, DaveLS, in the post header and the option to send a private message will appear.


I will also respond to you with a private message with my email/phone number.


Regards, Dave

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I sent an email, but didn't get a reply. If you send some pics, I would like to look and maybe discuss.


I would suggest posting the pics here too, but that is only me....


Thanks in advance.



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