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    I have a 1956 Cessna 172 and have been building a Long EZ for a few to many years now...

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    Open-EZ Tandem (LE)

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  1. JTest

    Looking for builder/pilots near PGD

    John I am building the Open EZ.... I started back in 2008, so I was an early adopter and I have many stories... I can be reached be jeffrey.test@hotmail.com If you send me an email with your contact information I will be happy to talk. Cheers Jeff
  2. JTest

    Looking for builder/pilots near PGD

    G'day I live in Port Charlotte and have been building for 9 years... Well not so much the last 6 or so... Nice to meet you John. Maybe you would like to see what 3 years of weekends looks like sometime. We can talk and I would be happy to show you some things I learned in the process of my build. Cheers Jeffrey Test
  3. JTest

    Sanding Glass For Flox Corners

    G'day I see some GUEST is looking at this subject. Sanding can be done, but I used Peel-Ply on all areas of the build that needed to be joined. I made it a practice to Peel-Ply almost everything. It reduced the sanding time for joints or next layups... Usually when I had to finish a complex or large layup over night or longer. You can buy Peel-Ply in 2" and 4" rolls from your supplier. Just apply with a wet brush as you would the material. Be sure to leave 3" or so that you can grip the Peel-Ply after the epoxy had dried. The Peel-Ply will pull off and the surface should be a matte finish that will accept the next layup. As I said, I Peel-Plied most areas. If you don't.... You will need to scuff the shinny epoxy so the next layer has something grab to. Best of Luck with your project. Your mileage may vary. Cheers Jeff
  4. JTest

    Sun 'n Fun 2017

    G'day It isn't to early to start talking about April 4 - 9 2017. Anybody other than myself going? Cheers Jeff
  5. JTest

    Important Update regarding Open-EZ Rev 5 Templates

    G'day / Hello It is good to see the Canard Zone back online. I thought it was gone forever years ago. Thanks for getting it back to life. I guess it is time for me to get back to work on the Open EZ, that I started all those years ago. Funny, I almost have it done too. Maybe this year it will be... Good to be back, Cheers Jeff
  6. JTest

    So who is building an Open-EZ right now?

    G'day from Sunny South Florida I just saw the Canard Zone is back after being off-line for a while. Actually, I have been too. I am building (still) and Open-EZ that I started back in 2008. I have taken a few years off of the build and I have retired from the DC rat race.... I see my Open EZ templates may have some errors.... I will have to review and see how that impacts my build so far. I have most of the plane built... So I guess I will have some changes. Well, I just wanted to sign in and say G'day/Hello. Cheers Jeff
  7. Great! Thanks again for the assistance! I will be building this weekend... Cheers! Jeff
  8. Thanks for the help Kinnerhatz! As a follow-up do you know the thickness of the 2024T3 sheet? Thanks again! Jeff
  9. G'day The LB18 would also be needed for an electric actuator. LB18 is how the end connects to the door. I have an electric actuator, but also have the man powered one....that retracts using spring tention when above 95 knts. I would prefer the man powered one.... I may forget either, but electrical failure and mechanical failure are in the electric... Just kind of old school like that.... Thanks anyway.... Still looking for some drawings.... Cheers! Jeff
  10. G'day I have completed most of the speed break construction but need the following full size drawings.... LB7 LB9 LB18 Thanks in advance! Cheers! Jeff
  11. Doh! I found the answer in the Bill of Materials.... Please excuse my first stupid post of the New Year! (more to follow I am sure) 1/4" 5-ply Birch Plywood.... 8" x 2.4" bevel one edge.... If you were wondering..... Thanks for looking. Cheers! Jeff
  12. G'day I am working on installing the speed brake and need to know what material is LB23 made of? Thanks in advance for any assistance! Cheers! Jeff
  13. JTest

    Canard Desktop Calendar

    Thanks! Cheers and Happy New Year! Jeff
  14. G'day I have the nose gear assembly sitting under the warm room work bench. I needed to get the Canard out before I can move the Tub into the room due to space issues. Yes, I know I did the last part of the Chapter first.... I may regret it I know, but it was also kind of fun to see what it will look like... I wanted to work on cold area stuff (hanger temps around 40 degrees F) so I worked on the nose shell. Yeah, I may need to make some mods to it, but it is only foam and easy to work with. I hope to get the gear installed in the New Year! Cheers! Jeff
  15. G'day I also managed to start the nose. I used a belt sander to sand the foam to shape. I have some pictures of the solid foam nose. Then I took a hand saw and cut out the inside... I have a few pictures also. I welcome any constructive comments or ideas. Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays! Jeff