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Berkut wings and canard

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For sale Berkut wings and canard.

Roncz Canard with carbon spar caps 70% complete and wings are untouched. I have all the carbon except about 10ft of spar cap tape which can be purchased at wicks aircraft supply. I have all videos and hardware to complete the wings and canard. Make your long Ez super strong with the berkut wings and canard. New, these wings and canard where $12.000 10yrs ago with the price of carbon today it would cost well over $16.000. I'm only asking what I paid for them. $6.000.


Call or E-mail.


Tony 702-858-9380


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I don't understand why you're selling them. Are you starting over like you did with the rest of the parts?


No I found a set of wings ready to go that I would like to purchase they are fairly exspensive. I need to sell these to help buy those. Otherwise Momma is going to have a fit.

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tonyslongez wrote:


the reason I got this Berkut so cheap from Walt Sally became very obvious after unpacking. The work he performed on this airplane is so bad that I can't use the canard at all. He cut into the hinges with some sorta device not sure with what but they definately can't be used. The layup on the canard is so bad there are huge bubbles along the top of the spar cap how he did that I have no idea but I can say definatively my a$$ is not flying with that canard.

? :yikes:?

"We choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard."


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