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Long EZ Project For Sale - Plans, Hardware, and lots of Materials, Top Quality!

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Up for sale is a Long EZ project that includes a complete set of plans including original RAF issued serial number, templates, and many upgrade plans (see list below). I bought the project from a composites fabricator who worked at Scaled Composites. The work done so far is top notch quality. The level of completion of each chapter is listed below. The project is currently located in Tehachapi CA (near Mojave) and is available for pickup only.


The project includes lots of raw material as well a majority of the required hardware needed to complete the airframe. To buy new all that is included with this project is $10k+. The brand new more expensive items include new brakes, main landing gear bow, brand new canopy, brand new main landing gear wheels, and much more. So much is included that I tried to provide a complete inventory of all that comes with the project listed on my website including 50+ pictures of all the various components. Be sure to browse the pictures on the photo album below to see all that is included.


If you are looking at building a Long EZ then this project will give you a great head start, and because it was built thus far by a skilled craftsman who worked for Burt Rutan himself, you can believe in the quality. Email me with any questions!

Asking $4,000 obo for the lot.




Erik Lassen



Included with Plans Set:

Original plans with Rutan Aircraft serial number document

Full set of Templates

O-235 install plans

High Performance rudder upgrade plans/templates

Roncz canard upgrade plans/templates

Landing Light upgrade plans/templates

Landing Airbrake upgrade plans/templates

Complete Set of Canard Pusher issues

Long EZ owner’s manual


State of completion:

Chapter 4: Fuselage Bulkheads – Finished

Chapter 5: Fuselage Sides – Finished

Chapter 6: Fuselage Assembly –Finished

Chapter 7: Fuselage Exterior – Finished

Chapter 8: Roll over structure and seat belts – Started 50% complete

Chapter 9: Main landing gear and Landing brake – Started 25% complete (needed hardware included)

Chapter 10: Canard – Started, templates cut and trimmed, (needed hardware included)

Chapter 11: Elevators – Started, templates cut and trimmed (needed hardware included)

Chapter 12: needed hardware included

Chapter 13: Nose gear – Started, 25% complete, NLG bulkhead layup started (most of the needed hardware included, still needs castor nose wheel)

Chapter 14: Center Spar: 85% complete (needed hardware included)

Chapter 15: Firewall & Accessories: Not started (some of the needed hardware included)

Chapter 16: Control System: Not started (some of the needed hardware included)

Chapter 17: Pitch trim, and roll trim: Not started (some of the needed hardware included)

Chapter 18: Canopy- 20% complete – needed hardware included

Chapter 19: Wings Ailerons attach – Not started (some of the needed hardware included)

Chapter 20: Winglet and Rudders Started (some of needed hardware included)

Chapter 21: Strakes – Not started

Chapter 22: Electrical – Not started (few odds and ends like antenna wire and transponder antenna included)

Chapter 23: Engine installation- not started

Chapter 24: Covers fairings – not started

Chapter 25: Finishing – not started


Completed and Work in Process sections:

Fuselage tub

New untrimmed canopy (tinted)

Main spar (solid carbon hard points) 90% finished

Brand new Main gear wheels & brakes (good double puck Matcos)

Main Landing Gear bow

Main Landing Gear axles & bolts

2 Nose Landing Gear struts, one new, one used

Nose retract landing gear hardware, except nose wheel and castor

Required Canard hardware

Lots of misc. hardware odds and ends (like sticks grips and such)

Nose wheel fairing





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Not sure if shipping is affordable.

If that's what holding you back then you better think of another hobby. How do you think we get this stuff? Just as a reference, I bought a fuselage and misc. stuff weighing several hundred pounds from Utah to Michigan for about $350. It was 3 years ago but at least a ballpark range. Still a bargain at twice the shipping. I got Aerocad wings from Florida at half that cost for shipping. I'd say get a rough idea of the weight and size and call around. Don't go UPS. As a matter of fact I used Estes which I believe is in your area.
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