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  1. altruistic


    Biodiesel has methanol and lye added to a heated mixture of veggie oil, chemical reaction occurs glycerin molecule falls off methanol attaches and you end up with methyl ester.
  2. altruistic


    Stay tuned i am going to soak green blue any brown foam and a sample of epoxy in some bio and see what happens. Any reaction with epoxy may occur over a long period of time so even this isn't a green light to putting bio into epoxy tanks
  3. altruistic


    I currently produce 200l of biodiesel a week for my trucks and ive noticed it can do strange things to rubber foam and adhesives, burns nice but. Anyone tell me what its going to do to epoxy? george
  4. I have been drawing up my own plans gradually over a few years (the maths is horrendous) its taking a while but ive run them past an aero engineer and its doable. Foam sandwich using templates eliminates some serious maths as does compufoil which plots, twists and lofts the bulkheads and wings and shows the position of the spars. Its a completely extravagant aircraft 2 place tandem 160 knot plus cruise 260 hp MTOW 1550 kg flying fuel tank. I'm going to build it bit by bit and test the strength with maths and sandbags per the engineers instructions. Then im going to fly to Oshkosh with the australian made logo on the tail. Call me crazy ive looked at aircraft for years and no one builds what I want. I think i can solve a lot of problems with the group knowledge on these forums as there is a heap of experience with foam sandwich.
  5. Ok now is the time to admit it. I'm not building a canard, don't get me wrong I think they are a great aircraft but the strips i'm working from don't suit canards. I'm building a low wing tail dragger but what i am convinced of is that foam sandwich is the cheapest most convenient method of building a high performance homebuilt. I want to try and avoid buying most of my consumables overseas and buy in Australia both from a convenience and price standpoint. A lot of ideas and methods from rutans methods can be adapted straight into my aircraft even though its a different shape. I need to know how to describe these materials to local suppliers, some things are a no brainer and the suppliers recognize the description straight away such as epoxies, but the cloths and foam are a little harder. The more dense and lesser usage foams i can order from the US but im hoping to get the bulk of my blue wing core foam and cloth form AUS. Any comments on price anyone? I hope I don't get kicked of the forum for being a canard quisling regards george
  6. Can anyone from AUS put me on track to a supplier of epoxy and the various foams required? Hopefully in Brisbane?
  7. that very thought has been rattling in my brain like a stone in a tin can for the last five years perhaps a 20 b up the back just for good measure, i wonder how bad it would move the cg.
  8. if it was still flying id be there in a flash, its kinda heartbreaking to see that actually. I wonder what would be involved in crating it.?
  9. thanks people i cant get over how helpful everybody is.
  10. searching for absolutely anything i can find about defiants, would like an original plans set but i acknowledge this may be a pipedream. Im stoked about the open ez project and quite frankly it should have happened years ago. When you by plans for an aircraft it should come on both cd and paper, with the cd a fully redundant replacement. I am hoping someone might come up with the open defiant and if someone will send me some info im prepared to do all the work. Im not flying blind i am an AME = A&P and have the backup of some highly experienced aero engineers and composite airframers. I come from Australia and we have large puddles and large expanses of nothing, I know i will be riduculed but two engines especially in a canard is compulsory. I know there are 2 guys in NSW with a defiant and am looking for their contact details.
  11. id make damn sure the biodiesel doesnt affect the epoxy first
  12. im thinking the perfect bottle for the propane would be an old kevlar oxy bottle. tough as, super light and designed to withstand 2000 psi. Propane liqiufys at 150 psi approx allowing a huge safety margin. im a major fan of biodiesel and both my landcruiser ute and my patrol wagon run diesel. if it will run on biodiesel its almost free flying.

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