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Minimum Door Width for a Shop?


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Does anyone know what the minimum door width is that one needs when considering a place to build a cozy markIV?




I wonder what the effect is on the resin when building in the winter, how important is it that the temperature be kept warm?

After things set for a few days can the temp be allowed to go to ambient?


Building in an outside garage with a portable heat source would create such a scenario...



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Temperature will b very important.

You can construct a tent type arraingement over your part and put a heat source in with the part. Some have used an electric blanket over the part with a layer of poly between and a heavy blanket above.


Make sure you heat your epoxy box and it's also a good Idea to keep your fabric warm.

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A Mark IV will usually go out a single car garage door by tilting the fuselage (centerspar) on a diagonal and skewing the nose so that one end of the center spar goes out the door first.


You'll need to be able to heat the garage while you work and get heat on the layup for say 6-8 hours after you're finished to let it cure. A bullet heater or clean kerosene heater would work although some folks say those will leave a (soot? carbon?) film on the work. I have an old electric radiant heater I sometimes hang over work to keep it warm while it's curing. I've found that layups will cure at 65 degrees or so but I can't recommend working when it's colder than that unless you can heat the layup. Can you insulate the building and use a large electric heater?


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