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E-Racer vis-a-vis long eze?


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Are the wings and canard for the E-racer the same (area, airfoil, sweep, twist,etc.) as the Long EZE?

Perhaps Jack will chime in here as well but I have built a set of E-Racer wings. The wings are the same planform and airfoil. The shear web layups and the spar cap layups are different. The winglet location at the tip of the wing is also different. Most people generally agree that the E-Racer winglet location is not very good and I would suggest to anyone building E-Racer wings today that they should locate the winglet the same as a Long-EZ or build a copy of Jack's blended winglet design.

Rick Pellicciotti

Belle Aire Aviation, Inc.


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FWIW, the foam cores for the E-Racer main wing are cut from the same hotwire templates as that of the Long-EZ. Butt lines may be different though, but to me, it's essentially the same wing (not considering the spar cap as Rick mentioned).

Jon Matcho :busy:
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Can't speak to the eRacer but FWIW the Berkut & Long-EZ templates are EXACTLY the same. I re-cut my templates this weekend from the Berkut drawings and used the Long-EZ templates to plot out the 'Talking Numbers' and the only difference I found was that the Berkut drawings were much cleaner and consisted of one piece drawings (much better to work from.)

T Mann - Loooong-EZ/20B Infinity R/G Chpts 18

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Rick is correct. The planform is the same as the long except the depth of the top and bottom spar caps. The E racer has more spar cap plys on top and bottom than the long EZ. The vne on the E Racer is 300 mph. I have not seen the plans on the Berkut so I cannot compare their layups. The Berkut vne is 350 mph. I believe the E Racer ailerons are also longer than the Long and the trailing edge is straight.



E Racer 113

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The E Racer canard is exactly the same as the LZ except for two changes. There is an added center core 17'' long to compensate for the wider fuselage and the shear web has 25% more bid added. Spar caps are rhe same according to my manual. The overall length of my canard is 147 inches not including the end tips. Hope this helps.



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Thanks for the info Jack.

It seems there are so many similarities between the LEz, Berkut and E-Racer, but the Vne's vary so greatly? I can understand the reinforced canard on the E-Racer would reduce the chance of flutter, but why else (other than HP) would there be such variations in Vne? Anyone can chime in as well.





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