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  1. All, I wanted to let you know that I am changing the status of the airplane to "Sale Pending". I have a potential buyer coming to see the airplane shortly.
  2. I looked at the early Dynons and didn't like them very much. I understand the later ones are a lot better. I went with the GRT Horizon I units and I have been very satisfied with them. They play nicely with Garmin radios and Trutrak autopilots. My panel upgrade here: http://www.rocket-boys.com/panel.htm
  3. I know it is the wrong time of year to sell an airplane. So, I have decided to reduce the price to $65,000. I have had some people express interest in the airplane but I have come to the conclusion that some do not want the complication of the EFIS system. If you are interested in the airplane and would like to buy it without the EFIS, contact me. Perhaps we can work something out.
  4. I think this picture is going to be turned in to a Wing Cling very soon: http://www.wingclings.com
  5. Wow, that picture was such a big hit, I thought I would post another from the same flight. It really is a beautiful airplane.
  6. Had a chance to fly along side a T-6 with a photographer in the back seat. Got a great picture of the airplane over a fly-in at our local airport. Thought I would share it.
  7. thanks for the message. I hope that whoever becomes the next proud owner of the airplane will keep racing it. It holds the SARL record for its class. I would hate to see a Lancair come along and take it. You will see me at the races in the future. I have something in the wings.
  8. I have come to the decision to sell this wonderful airplane. I have had some personal challenges over the last couple of years and I only flew the airplane about 20 hours in the last 12 months. The airplane is just as it appeared at Rough River last year. Everything on it works and it is one of the best finished, best equipped airplanes in its class. Robert Harris of EZJets called it, "one of the 10 best EZ's in the country". It is in annual and I try to fly it fairly regularly. Featured on the back cover of the recent "Big Book of Canard Aircraft" and a couple of pages inside. I have a detailed spec sheet that I can send out by email if someone wants all the particulars on the airplane. The airplane is available for inspection by appointment at 2M8 in Memphis, TN. $70,000.00 or next best offer. No tire kickers, no trades, please. My email: rick@spitfire.org
  9. I'm sure I'll get a turn at it at some point. I know what you mean about the credit card. We had an airshow back on Memorial Day and we had the CAF's T-33 do some fly-bys. The next act was a little late getting off so we asked the pilot of the T-33 to make a couple more passes. He called back that he was on the phone with Visa, trying to get his limit raised.
  10. Debbie and I will be there. Just for the day on Saturday.
  11. After reading through 3 pages of messages in this thread, I thought I would go back and comment on the first message. I think I understand where the confusion is coming from. ColinB commented on the picture and said it was "an interesting looking mod". That is the root of the problem. This is not a mod. This is a completely new/different design airplane. Yes, it is a canard and the planform is similar to a Long but there is nothing in common with a Long. Having been around this airplane from the inception I would be willing to go out on a limb and say that there are no dimensions on this airplane that are the same as a long or no interchangeable parts. The vertical fins are actually further aft from the center of mass than they would be if they were at the tips of the wings. The angle of the photo does not make this easy to see. There is a comment in this thread questioning the sanity of building 4 airframes of a design that has not flown as yet. These airframes are not being built in parallel, they are being built in series. The confidence in the design and engineering is such that basic dimensions, spar layups and so forth could be considered "frozen". As work continues on the most advanced airplane, things are tried and if they work out, they are incorporated in the follow-on airframes. The way things are going, the number 1 airplane will fly before the flying surfaces are finished on the others. If there are changes to be made after flight test, they will be easy enough to incorporate into the #1 ship and the follow-on ships. Boeing has 4 787 airframes in testing and 12 "production" airframes in various stages of construction and that design has not flown yet. I don't really see any problem with it as long as what you are building is professionally designed and engineered. Regarding the main landing gear, it is beautifully designed and very sturdy. Retracting forward makes good sense. It does not take up space that could be used for fuel in the strake, the slipstream will assist the free-fall of the gear for emergency extension. I have, in the past, been critical of companies offering plans or kits to the public for airplanes that have not flown. This is not the case here. These folks are quietly building airplanes for themselves, not bothering anyone and not offering to sell anything or take deposits for "vaporware". I don't really understand the motivation for some of the critical comments that have been made here. I, for one, am really excited about this airplane. It is going to be very cool.
  12. Seeing how this thread degenerated the way it has is why I have been away for over a year. I have watched the airplane in question being designed, engineered and built over the last few years. It is a very carefully thought out airplane being built by a couple of very experienced and distinguished builders. It is absolutely going to be awesome. It is not a long-ez derivative, it is a completely new design. I can't wait to get my turn with it. There are a couple of mentions of Jack Morrison's new E-racer Xteme in this thread as well. I have seen recent pictures of it and it is going to be fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing it at Rough River this year. Let's put our energy into building our airplanes and not criticizing others.
  13. I'm glad I was able to contribute. Looking forward to getting my copy of the book. By the way, we do have an excellent air-to-air photographer in our group and a good camera platform in the AT-6 with gunnery seat that swivels around to face the rear. If anyone would like to get shots of their airplane in flight, just get in touch with me and we can arrange it. We have events several times per year in Memphis where we can do it and we usually bring the AT-6 to the big shows (Sun n Fun, OSH, etc).
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