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VG and Canard Pitch Problem in Rain


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I want to fix the problem of my Long Ez pitching forward in rain. I have obtained a set of VG's ( velocity generators ) from Velocity Aircraft but can't fit them as I have no data to suit the Long EZ. I have been warned not to fit them to the canard unless I can locate some supporting data and attachment details. Can anyone help with this problem and supply the required data or advice regarding any other fix for the 'pitch problem' as in rain the back pressure required to maintain level flight is a real drag.


I can be contacted at:


Skype: mobileone1

Email: grega@mobileone.com.au

phone: +61.5.0055.6500

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Go to www.ez.org/bb and search for vortex generator. Open the thread titled "vortex generator." The website posted on that thread sells very cheap VGs as well as the template----all in one kit. Stick them on with clear silicone vice the expensive glue they recommend.



Thanks for the pointer but that web site didnt load up. Any suggestions ?


regards greg:sad:

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Tks Drew,


I contacted CCI and they have quoted me for a kit, but I already have VG's supplied by Velocity Aircraft Inc.


But Velocity cant give me any details for fitting to my Long Ez canard and my mechanic wont fit them until he has some data. The fitting details are really what I need and I dont want to pay out for more VG's cause I have got plenty already. Where could I obtain the data so I can template and fit the VG's that I already have?

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Pitch trim in rain can also be caused by incorrect canard configuration (mounting angle) during the original construction. You may want to look at this also.



Regarding Vortex Generators;


One word of WARNING that I'm sure you are aware of:


These little vortex generators change the airflow charasterictics of the canard.


They can do such a good job that they will allow the main wing to stall before the canard stalls. :scared:


Flight test the aircraft after their installation, wear a parachute. Review the procedures on how to recover from a deep stall.


Review the procedures for bailout in the event that you cannot recover from the deep stall.


I do not post this warning lightly.



NOTE: I went to the EZ.ORG web site and searched "Vortex Generators". It returned several topics.






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