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Found my Long Eze!


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I found my project! Long-Eze with main wings, canard (orig), fuselage,strakes

gear (main and nose), canopy (2 one custom built other featherlight) inst panel started as well as flight controls all in final layup ready for assembly and finish. Still have to mount winglets and a lot of wiring, sanding, painting, rigging etc. My guess is 50 -65 % complete. Also found O-235 engine cowl (featherlite) as well as NACA duct, wheel pants assorted fairings and aluminum spinner. Full set of plans I & II (transnfering registration with RAF for CP notification) as well as backup plans section I, II. Planning on a O-235 Lyc or possibly a Franklin O-235 if it can be done! Thanks Norris!

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I found my project!

Congratulations! Was the project listed anywhere? I couldn't help but looking at projects for the past couple months, so I'm curious.



Now that you're an official builder, you better know how to spell your plane: Long-EZ :)


How about some pictures for all of us that are green w/envy? Best wishes and warp speed to finish.

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
Now:  Rebuilding Quickie Tri-Q200 N479E
Next:  Resume building a Cozy Mark IV

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Thanks Jon, In all the excitement I tacked on the extra E. I found it listed on Barnstormers and the listing was 50 minutes old, immediatly called and drove the next day with checkbook in hand. I lucked out since the Army had me in Alabama for some courses and that happened to place w/in a few hours drive of the location. The owner was kind enough to hold it for thirty days untill I could grab it with a moving truck on my way back to NY. I will take some pics and post them when I do the inventory next week. The other parts I found on Barnstormers as well and same deal called w/in hours of the add and secured them, picked them up in PA on my drive back. Again another great guy that held them for a month. I have to do another one year hop in Afghanistan so I will probably get started next summer. Thanks again Sully.

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OK, Sully.


Glad to hear about the project. You'l be VERY HAPPY with it.


I also want to thank you for your service. I strongly believe what we (you) are doing is very important and must be done. Thanks again, and keep your head down



F16 performance on a Piper Cub budget

LongEZ, 160hp, MT CS Prop, Downdraft cooling, Full retract

visit: www.iflyez.com

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