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Steve Sptarted a "Thread" That led to a question......


Well if u do get off that rrr and build u mite look at day 1 and night 1 of my very first air plane part,its all mine i built it i growed it, would have slep with it but not dry yet. my home pages is a bit (sucky) but untill 1 of u show me, its all this brain can figer.

i got 5 more still in camara but need to get epoxy off it.

Star ship,cool logo,or badge rather but can u biuld a glove for a camara ?the link ishttp://www.msnusers.com/cozy4and u need to click on photos


Dust Replied:

hey, thats a great seat back, well done, did i notice a line on there for fiber orientation? great job


enjoy the build


Steve Replied:

ty ,the 45 angal dosent fit the hole thing so i added so on the corners,i got the flos and micro mixed up and flosed the one side,but it looks gr8.and the other side in micro,and it not so hot,looks funny?. f 28 has a opition to round the nose a bit but the plans have the dots just go to far,do i cut the end like the plans want on the first one and just note the where the line is.it still must have stringer that touch the ends ,right ?

ok , well back at it i'll read here in a hour or so(shoting for a lay up tonight and i got #5 in the mail.


Now the long short of it is: The two talked, and reached an understanding.


Me, being more of a Newbie than Steve, wants to know: How did it turn out? If I were to make my part would I include the "Dotted Curve Line" onto FS-28?


Steve, are you out there?


I am Building a Jo-Z IV StarShip.


What Do YOU Want?

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ty for the threed. it got slow when i started sanding,but tonight i'm trying to finish dash and firewall,but we see. lay up suports on dash and its done,then i start cuting wood for fire wall. i got stuck doing hunnydoos most of the weekend, i love the wood templet idea so i got some of the stuff u find behind dresers and will make my firewall from it then router out the real ones, thanks for the tip, i'll photo and load in web page tonight,so i'm off to the hanger(hunny parking spot)


Fly low and slow ~S~

Steve M. Parkins

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ummm....ok in the landing bulk head 2 bid 1 uni over the pre made hard points. now the easy part,uni as pre plans arrow.i guessed that ment just left side and right but not in the center(8 ply=16 of the littel suckers with glue every wear at 1200am on a work night)now i'm going out to do the back side...was that right? if so i'll start fire wall today,and study for test in ground school chapter 1-5.


1. patch water bed,its bad

2. flight school 10-12

3. fly from 12-1 pwt 7 landings ACE'ed all of them,but got lose

on one final

4. type in cozy page

5. back to hanger for back of bulk head

6. pending.......

Steve M. Parkins

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cut the jigs but the plans mite be wrong. on the bend cut it said mark every 2 in then cut but when i got to the end it was funny. the last mark was 1.55 so its save to say the next one would be 1.50(or the end as it were. but the plans said the end was to be cut to 1 and 1/2. but i think it should have been cut to 1.50 (in th')witch in inches is 1 and 3/4 or so, am i right ? so i'm going out now to glue on 1" to all the boards and re cut the angals so feel free to call..(360-620-5718)

Steve M. Parkins

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Originally posted by chuckthedog

If I understand your question right. 1 and 1/2 inches. Is 1.50 not 1 and 3/4. To make it simple.

1/32 of an inch is .03125 thousands of an inch. 1/2 inch = 16/32 {16X.03125=.500}

Well thats what i thought that 1.5 is 1 1/2 but not in air plane land....the plans use a tape[my plumer buddy use's in his work}the only mesurement on the tape the same is 1 foot or 2 foot and so no..

there r 10 inches in a foot,so they a little bit longer.so 1.50 in 12ths is 1 and 1/2 but on the plumbers tape 1.5 is 1 and 3/4+a 16th

so on the planes it has both inchs in 12ths and inches in 10 th's

so look for the decimal piont so if it said cut to 38 inchs i do,but if it said cut to " WAIT"38 = 3 feet + 2 inches,or 3 feet and 2 inches in tenths but that = about 38 and 1/2 or so. O MAN....in chapter 5 where it called out 56, 38,8,22 i read ahead and it said 105 in" min. and i had that so all of them were in 12th's slade help! mike help .mazda buddy 'help. rob u'll need to know this.


Steve M. Parkins

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I should have added. A pipe talley tape, or plumbers tape is in tenths of a foot. So what you are saying is right. But a plumbers tape is not the one to use for building airplanes. Tenths of an inch tape the right one. I know where you are comming from. When I first broke out in the patch. That damn talley tape ate my lunch. I did provide hummer for the old guys though.:D

If the phone don't ring. It's me

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got layup done,got the covers on geting fome in end and waiting for 6 and 7 in the mail(i'm calling in the morning to order,mabe by the weekend). got 13b core for now,got cheep tubes for mount and orderd a small tig for the weld, will play with the tubes till i get good at the mig then will work on the crome molly stuff(u got a # and size i mite use ? or a plan of 1 allready build ? if not will try to build it the same as a 172 or 180(what ever is in the hager i can look at. So far all i can teach my mazda to do is sit but its very good at it. i hope some day it will roll over ~S~

Steve M. Parkins

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DON'T USE A MIG ONLY A TIG WITH NORMALIZING OR O/E AND USE IT TO NORMALIZE, dam hate the caps lock, should have retyped it. Mig welds start out too cold and are not good for structural, tig is great, but probably should be normalized and O/E can normalize with it.


enjoy the build



maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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