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Kerosene Heaters

John DiStefano

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Hello Builders,


Not to fan the flames of what has turned out to be a very hot topic...(pardon the puns) . But I bought a kerosene heater to warm my workshop.. I also have 2 Propane radiant heaters as well. I really like this kerosene heater (28,000 BTU's). Here is the problem though.. In this part of Jersey it is very difficult to find 1 - K grade kerosene. I did find it at my local hardware store, but it cost $12 for a 2.5 gallon container. This 1-K stuff burns very clean, low odor as well. I am tempted to just try diesel from the local gas station. Has anyone tried this yet?


<I put the same post up on the Cozy list>


BTW, I really like this format. I work for Continental Express and the pilot group uses the same forum....




John DiStefano



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well, for my woodworking shop i have three 5 gallon cans. I would buy more cans


but on topic, try a 1/2 gallon and ifin it works, whalla and ifin it don't, water it down


or you could go to the airport and try jet fuel??


enjoy the build



maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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