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Type 1 dynafocal in Varieze?


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I am considering putting an io233 engine in my Varieze project.  Does anyone have any info on making a type 1 dynafocal mount for the Varieze?

Cozy girls makes a type 1 for the Long eze i suppose you could try to convert it. Basically the long eze mount is wider at the top where it hits the studs than the Varieze 

but the bottom is the same and the studs are all in the same place vertically. You would have to attach outward angles on the existing varieze inward angles at the top and then still need

about 1/4 to 1/2 inch spacers from what i can see. 





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I have a welded Dynafocal Type 1 ring I am selling for $200.  It came from Spruce. 

I have made my own engine mount for an EZ, see the early posts in my thread.  I was just reading the other day about a chap who cut and positioned his engine mount tubes himself, held them in place with dabs of Bondo, and took the mount to a professional welder to finish.  The welder tacked it, then wire-brushed away the Bondo.  It is the bends in a DF ring that are a little problematic to DIY.  The rest of the tubes are straight and pretty easy to cut and position.

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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