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Restoring Q2 turbo/ lots of questions

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I am soon to be the owner of a Q2 turbo, was once a flying aircraft now abandoned. If i determine that there is enough to work with (not deteriorated beyond hope) im planing on restoring. Im an a&p IA so i know what im up against. Just looking for knowledge.

(1) is there a difference between the Q2 and Q200? I most likely will go with a corvair powerplant, ive seen mention of carbon spars on the q200. So any information there would help. Building a new wing wont be a killer as i would build the ls1.
(2) where are the failure points on these airframes, or any areas that should be inspected for potential damage, deterioration, before putting time in and later finding a project killer.

(3) must have upgrades, reflexors, squirrel killers(the extensions on the elevators, drawing blank on name), hydraulic brakes. The "wish i had done this" list.

(4) whats the realistic gross weight, and empty weight, i dont want a heavy turd so will weigh as soon as i get it cleaned up.

any other advise i may be overlooking or not thinking of?

thanks in advance for any advise.


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GU canard profile on Q2, LS1 on Q200.

LS1 needs the tapered carbon spars, which is the killer because they aren't available.  Have to find an old kit.  People have used Dragonfly canard construction on newer Q200 builds I think.

Tap test everywhere on the canard for delamination.

Lots of mods documented on Q-list.

Gross should be 1100#


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1) Q2 was designed for the Revmaster 2100 and the GU canard.  Q200 was designed for the O-200 and had the LS1 canard.  You will need the round carbon spars to make the LS1 canard.

2) I bought a barely started kit; didn't personally research this

3) 'Sparrow strainers' are necessary on the LS1.  Reflexors seem to be a no brainer (I have the documentation for the t-tail mod that I won't be using if you want to go that way).  I'm looking at bike brakes for a homebrew hydraulic brakes.

4) Gross 1100 with carbon spar LS1; 1000 with GU canard.  Unsure what the empty weight target should be (I think I've heard ~500 is a good target).

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On 4/9/2022 at 11:29 AM, Sandaircraft said:

Building a new wing wont be a killer as i would build the ls1.

The biggest challenge will be sourcing a proper (original) carbon tube for the LS1, which may be a misguided effort. Instead, you can look to building a Dragonfly canard spar or looking for "wadelow canard" plans/designs.

It's all doable with enough research, determination, patience, and grit.

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
Now:  Rebuilding Quickie Tri-Q200 N479E
Next:  Resume building a Cozy Mark IV

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