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Fuselage reinforcement bulkheads vs channels


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Hey everyone,

I am new to the group but have no experience with glass aircraft construction, aside from the cowlings and wheel pants for other builds. I’ve scratch built two planes start to finish but they are tube/fabric. I have been interested in starting a cozy MK4 for a few years now as my final build for my family. 

So my first question is strictly out of curiosity, but what are the benefits of doing pillar style fuselage reinforcements (like the velocity) between the dash and the firewall when compared to doing the center bulkhead behind the front seats? 

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I'm thoroughly unqualified to answer, but it would seem to me that a center bulkhead could be less bulky, while the pillar-style reinforcements allow the entire interior of the aircraft to be free of obstructions.  I imagine that type of design is also what allows the gull wing doors on the Velocity.

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Hard to compare, the two fuselages are very different. On one, the top opens and is non-structural, on the Velo the sides open for doors, thus the top is structural. Apples and oranges. The different options may appeal to different folks.

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