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Battery used in your EZE's


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I have a Odessey PC680 I purchased for my Varieze.

Come to find out that it is not being charged by my Electrical system (puts out 13.2V).

I got told by a friend with a cozy (and a Ossey PC680) he had the same problem. In his investigation

he found out was that the Odessey PC680 needed 14.6V  to charge it (don't hit me - what I'm told).

My question is,  what batteries are folks using out their in your Variezes, longeze's, Cozy's.

Really not trying to recreate the wheel.

That fit the bill of reasonably light and can crank. Also charge with 13.4V applied.


Thanks Dee

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2 hours ago, deesaysy said:

Come to find out that it is not being charged by my Electrical system (puts out 13.2V).

No battery will be charged to any great extent by an electrical system that only puts out 13.2V. You either have a problem with your alternator or regulator, or you're measuring the voltage when at too low an RPM.

What alternator and regulator do you have? Have you read the instructions for setting the voltage on the regulator?

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52 minutes ago, deesaysy said:

I just checked - I have a B & C's LR-3 voltage regulator. 

SO that I don';t mis quote the other guy. Our regulators are putting out 14.4V and the

Odessey needs 14.6V to charge.

B&C regulators are adjustable - read the instructions. You can set them to the voltage you want. Generally anything between 14.2V and 14.6V is used, and will work fine with most any auto or aircraft batteries. Do NOT go over 15V.

Odyssey batteries will charge just fine at 14.4V - just a tiny bit more slowly.

You stated that your electrical system is putting out 13.2V - which is it - 13.2V, or 14.4V?

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An alternator shop should be able to test your alternator pretty easily.   Maybe an Autozone can too.     I use two $40 UB12080 (12V 18Ah) batteries for a dual Lightspeed system.   I start on both batteries but I have found one battery will start my O-360 8.5:1 compression engine if I forget to turn on the crossfeed.

nothing against the Odyssey but these cheap batteries suit my 2-battery system.    I suspect your alternator is your problem though

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Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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33 minutes ago, deesaysy said:

I do like the fact that you used effectively using 2 moped batteries to solve your problem.

FYI: I'm also sporting a brand new BC alternator.    question: isn't the UB12080 (12V 8Ah) not 18Ah

Google screws up the search and gives UB1280 which is 8AH.  I am using two _UB12080_ which are 18 AH each.  If I was only using one battery, I might spring for a bigger battery or an Odyssey  but they have worked for me.  They have low discharge.  I use one about three years and transfer it to a motorcycle.  I would guess that if you don't fly IFR, are using mags, and one battery starts your airplane reliably, one of them would be OK.   Here's one from Granger but they are usually about $40-45 elsewhere


Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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I can't  .... just yet!

The Plane is down for repairs (just finished fixing the fuel tank).

I'd like to scientifically approach the problem by remeasuring all the numbers first,

then work from there.

That is now that I know what I didn't know (have a manual for my parts).

I have to get the plane back to the airport so I can start it.


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