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Nose wheel


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James, I had that type of nose mechanism on my project until I broke it.

The fix is fairly easy.   In "fixing" it, I found that the original owner of the project had broken it, too.   The fix is to turn the large gear over to get to teeth that are not broken.   I thought I would just break it again and could not turn it over again.   That is not an accurate statement because "breaking it" really just removes 7 or 8 teeth of many.   So a broken gear can be "fixed" more than twice.   If you wanted to buy mine, I am sorry, it is already flying on a buddies' Longeze because he broke his.

IF you find one that someone is ready to sell, BEWARE, it may have been broken a few times and there is a limit to how many ways you can turn the gear.  You might buy one that is useless.

The gear that the "Cozygirrrls" sell is made of much tougher metal; it is very unlikely that you would break off teeth.   BUT their gear is expensive.   It is worth the price.

I did not buy theirs; instead I went to an electric nose gear system.   Wilhelmson sells an exellent gear system that will NOT strip.   The problem is installing the DAMN THING.   I had nobody to help so I made a few mistakes.   NO A LOT of mistakes.   He saved my butt once by correcting my mistake after I mailed the whole thing back to him.   The main problems in using Wilhelmson's system are (1) you may have to remove the large bolt that holds the nose gear system (original RAF sysem).    My project had NEVER flown but the bolt still would not come out.; it was rested enough, not bent.    So I had to cut the bolt into two pieces.   Well, NO, it would not come out until it was cut into THREE pieces.   That is fun ONLY if you use the BEST blades in your saw; the average metal blade will not do the job.  (2) You have to cut a small hole in the side of the nose to get the damn bolt pieces out.   Then repair all of that   (3) The 4 bolts that hold the entire system in place have to EXACTLY fit in the holes of the original RAF system.

That installation took 3 months.    Maybe just buy the Cozygirrrls gear; it is good.

I am still happy with the Wilhelmson system.   I bought the delux system so I CAN NEVER land with the nose gear up.  I believe the system is absolutely foolproof and you may be lucky with getting the big bolt out in minutes.

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