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Constant speed props


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4 hours ago, 10driver said:

Does anyone have any experience with lightweight constant speed props such as those offered by Airmaster?  Not interested in a metal constant speed prop due to the weight but a composite prop might be a good alternative.

For what airplane?

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3 hours ago, 10driver said:


There are a few COZY's flying with C/S props and a few LE's as well, along with a few Berkuts. Generally, I'm not a fan, due to the cost, complexity, maintenance needs, and weight. But they do a bit better on takeoff rolls, and if you're lucky, you don't give up much on the top end (although sometimes you do - depends on the make, model and tailoring to the airframe - some MFG's do a lot better than others).

On a Defiant, with TWO props, that's a lot of added weight, but the ability to feather the prop (if the one you get HAS that ability) could be a safety feature in the case of an engine out - the Defiant climb rate, with two O-320's, fixed pitch props and one engine out is not great at anything other than sea level - the single engine service ceiling is not that high. But that's the case for all light twins - they suck, and the second engine is there to extend the glide, and not much else.

There aren't many MFG's that make composite pusher C/S props...

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I would differ with you on "all" twins single-engine service ceiling.....my T337G has a service ceiling of 15K' for the rear engine out and 16K' for the front engine out (pusher props generally being more efficient).  Where it DOES poorly is losing an engine on takeoff at max GW....400 fpm climb (if you're lucky).

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