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Looking for VariEze plans


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Hello -

Can one get plans for the VariEze  these days? 

Many searches in many places have been unsuccessful but maybe it's just me...



ps - sorry if this is in the wrong place - pretty green here.

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An Open-EZ is a better option.  Search this site for the "Open-ez" topic.

If you really want a Vari, I suggest you find a Varieze owner and ask to copy his plans or look for a project to rehab or complete.  Bert Rutan has informally said he does not object to building Long-ezs from copied plans so either one is an option and a number of people are building from the Open-ez plans.  Some recent discussion here



Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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Thanks for pointers.  I've been going through the Open-ez plans and such for about a year now and eventually realized my mission is best suited to the VE platform or one like it, hence my current belief that that's of much more interest - going for more basic, more sport.  3 to 5 flights a week within 50 miles, 3 or 4 per year overnight, and KOSH every summer.  (They used to have this airshow thing for a week there and it was really big and you could camp...)   Until now (or 2019 anyway) we did this in a Gyroplane.  Except for the sideburns and bellbottoms that ancient Rutan "Flying is very easy" movie is right where we live (not geographically) hence keen to move up to something with a roof that doesn't have a view out the front like an airliner.

Very familiar with smaller experimental fixed wing as well.  If any of this blather about me me me suggests a different aircraft we (me n wife) should consider to augment the gyro I'd be interested, but side by side is a deal breaker for it's corrupting the view.  (No accounting for taste).

Open-ez project has always had much respect from me as it preserves the coolness of something very cool indeed.  Very generous to have made all that available.




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