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Please allow me to introduce myself.

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I just joined like 5 minutes ago. I've been back and forth about the type of aircraft I would like to build. It seems every couple of years my mission changes. I'm about 85% sure I know what I want/need. If I don't make a move now, I worry I'll always be stuck on terra firma gazing skyward. 

What brought me here...

1. I wanted a four seater (2 with bags, sometimes three).

2. Planes I can afford are 50+ years old or need a lot of help. I like the idea of building with hopes of finishing a brand new aircraft.

3. The tool requirements for a composite project seem manageable. I don't have the pleasure of an EAA chapter nearby with a plethora of specialty tools to borrow.

I read one Canard Zone thread as a guest and learned more than I had after a week of searching the net. Excited to learn, excited to build, excited to fly!


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It doesn't take many tools to get started.   A good flat work table is probably job #1.  I find a bandsaw pretty helpful and some sort of drill press.  I dispense epoxy with a postal scale and a spreadsheet.   If you are serious about finishing what you start, you will need to order the parts you can't build from the cozygirrls, Eznoselift, Aerocomposites (gear struts).   They often get behind and will keep you waiting.  It really saps my enthusiasm when I have to wait on materials.

You might find a project that will save you a lot of time and money on my "Sales I've seen" thread.  Anything listed in the last year could still be available and they are usually good value.



Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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