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Any advice please !


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im looking at purchasing a slightly damaged long ez. I’m a fairly big lad (270lbs) with a large shoulder frame - what is the fit like? Realistically what can you fly these as an all up weight? I’ve seen the max figures quoted as 1400lbs, but people operating them up to 1800lbs? Is this safe enough?

it needs work on the gear as it’s been damaged by hitting an object - both nose and main gear smashed off. It’s also rubbed the nose and wing tip.

im not scared of a project, but how in depth is the process of re attaching the gear? 

any advice is very much appreciated 

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I am 225-235 and I found my EZ pretty comfortable but at 270, I think you would need to try one.  I scalloped out the inslde fuselage at the forearms which was a good mod and I did not run the armrest sides all the way to the bottom--they came down only about 2"--which gave more hip room.   With an O-320, I flew with 200 pound people and about 20 gallons once in a while which would be about 1550 lbs.

Re-attaching the gear is a doable but a big job.  You would probably remove the wings and canopy, flip the fuselage, open the bottom, repair the fuselage sides where the gear is mounted as required (it is a weak area anyway),  sand off old layups with an angle-grinder and make new ones.  If you did it right it'd be as good as new but it would take a while.

Frankly, at your weight and with the gear repairs needed, you might pass that one by.

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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You did not give your age or where you live.   What you would have to do will take years.   You should go to Marc Z's list of available Cozy aircraft.   See if you can afford one of those that is flying or near flying.   Also join the CSA; you get a directory and can see who lives nearby and how to contact them.   Check with David Orr; he keeps track of many aircraft and often has looked at them.   I weigh 166 and would like a little more room.   I also put a nose gear retraction system in.   At your weight, it would be important.    Are you 5'0" or 6'6" ?   Can you almost play NFL football or are you a couch potato ?     Can you work on it in warm weather much of the year or do you have 1 month of good weather?   Mine is in a hangar at OLM Olympia washington state and I can get the hangar about 4 degrees warmer than the outside; you have to build a box around the aircraft to get epoxy to set properly.

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