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CAD Update #2


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I have modelled the main gear bow with 0.3 degrees toe-in. I will not finish the lugs that attach in the fuselage until I can find more dimensional information of the bow.

My fuselage assembly still includes the F22, F28, and firewall from some imported data I had. I will remodel these.

The main gear wheel and axle I have modelled are rough models of a European brand.

The engine cowl lofts are suited to the UL390i

I think I added a rough main spar in the STP file. It shows through my wing skins in places. This is partly because the spar dimensions are a bit simplified in the plans, but also my wing surfaces are possibly the foam surface. When I get on with the wing modelling I will check this.

I need to finish the cockpit floor foam model, and will probably model the controls on the right side soon.







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As Jeff suggested, I will upload everything I have done so far. Here goes.

The standard canopy is as close as I can get to the acrylic shape shown in the sketches. The frame part was from an earlier fuselage loft, and at a detail level is not at all accurate.

Controls.zip is about where I stopped. I need to get on with something else. This is nowhere near complete.

Datums.zip is just that.... some 2D capture of the aircraft datums.

Fuselage Assembly.zip. Well this is starting to get accurate. The skin is offset from the foam surfaces by an average of 2 to 3 layers of UD glass. I think the foam is quite accurate.

Long-EZ-Mist is mainly the wing and canard surfaces. I think it may be on the foam surface, rather than the outside of the skins, but it is a while since I made these, and I don't remember.

More to come.

Canopy-standard.zip Controls.zip Datums.zip FuselageAssembly.zip Long-EZ-Misc.zip

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'Main Gear assy is the gear bow, as closely as I can figure out. I would like to measure a real one and adjust this model. I think I know how it is made, and it would be easy to tool up for it.

Sleek canopy. zip it a slightly smoother canopy shape I made, and the fuselage surface use in its frame is from my more accurate lofting. The modelling of the inside surfaces of the canopy frame is not at all accurate.

Standard fus loft is as near as I can get to what the standard fuselage skin looks like. I think there is evidence that the standard nose makes a downforce just ahead of the canard.

More to come.

MainGearAssy.zip SleekCanopy.zip standard-fus-loft.zip

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I have not uploaded the Dynon Skyview 10". You can get that from the Dynon website. The large display needs a rectangular aperture in the IP frame at FS40. This aperture could be handy for working access to harness.

My engine cowl lofting is suited to the UL390i with the 110mm propeller drive extension. The engine STP file can be downloaded from the UL Power website.



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