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Orphan Q200 project


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I just took possession of an unfinished Q200 airframe.  The wings are on with control surfaces.  The rear portion of the fuselage is not yet attached.  It has been in storage for approx. 25 years.  I don’t know who worked on it and there is no paperwork of any kind.

Does something like this have any worth?  Should I take care of it, or slap it together and tie it out next to the hangar for the kids to play in?  If it might be a project that someone would complete and fly, I will take better care of it.


How does one tell if the composite structure is sound?

Can you tell if it has the fiberglass spar caps and original wing?  Or if it has the improved wing?

Any advice is welcome.

R. Fowler

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A few people here are interested in the Q-airplanes so I expect it has some value but don't expect to get a lot unless you have the plans.  A cheap ad on Barnstormers.com might sell it.  Pictures help.  If the composite parts have been stored indoors and not visibly beat-up, they are likely OK

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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I'm sure someone will need it and you will get some money for it.

As Kent said, put it on Barnstormers for free.

Nothing wrong with the original wing, and many never permanently attach the tail (rear portion of the fuselage). This makes it compact for storage and easily transported on trailer when turned sideways.

Do you have engine, canopy, or any hardware?

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