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Please allow me to introduce myself...(Howard Plevyak)

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Hello everyone!   Just wanted to introduce myself.   My name is Howard Plevyak and I live in Cincinnati, OH.  I'm flying out of KHAO (Butler Hamilton Airport "Hogan Field", Cincinnati, OH).

My current aircraft is a GlaStar that I built from a kit.   It's an incredible utilitarian design that I love flying!   It has wonderful flying qualities.  

I'm looking at building the Long-EZ (Open-EZ) next...as my build itch is back!

I've read the PoH, and build plans and it looks like a doable project.   Especially like the pay for materials as you go...with a plans build.   I'm working thru the newsletters now.

I plan to attend the Canard Fly-In (hoping it's still a go) to see how I fit inside the Long-EZ.  Hoping a few Long-EZ flyers there will let me sit in theirs, and maybe a flight demo!

My background is as an Aero Engineer (Aeronca Aerospace, then USAF 10 years, F-16 Flight test 5 years, F-22 fighter development 5 years).   I'm now doing software development...jobs are more stable than Aerospace industry.

Hoping to learn a ton from this forum as I research my decision to pull the trigger on building a Long-EZ and make some new friends!




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Hey Howard, welcome to the Canardzone.

GlaStars look really nice, though I haven't had the pleasure of flying one myself yet. Certainly a different category to the canards!

Had planned on lots of canard exposure myself at Osh and Rough River this year, but due to the Current Circumstances I will miss both. But there are a lot of friendly canard guys around willing to share!

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Aerocanard (modified) SN:ACPB-0226 (Chapter 8)

Canardspeed.com (my build log and more; usually lags behind actual progress)
Flight simulator (X-plane) flight model master: X-Aerodynamics


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