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  1. Putting feeler out there again for a Berkut kit or Berkut parts for sale? Anyone aware of someone ready to sell?
  2. Great video! I watched it the other day from a #EAATogether post from twitter. Nice demonstration of the LongEZ capabilities. Thx for sharing it!
  3. Hi Fritz, Yes, most definitely...I'd like to have a copy of the CAD file please. That would be very helpful. Howard
  4. Happy Friday! I'm working my way through both the Canard Pusher (CP) newsletters and the Central States Association (COBA) newsletters. As I documents the design change notes and design ideas, I was thinking...someone may have already done this! Has anyone assembled anything like a Service Bulletin (SB), Service Letter, Advanced Notice of Revision (ANOR) list? I know this is used more for certified or kits...but it would sure help as a x-check. Or...can anyone share their plan / design change summary with reference to either the CP or CSA newsletters? Thank-you, Howard
  5. Hi folks! If anyone has a set of original RAF Long EZ paper plans for sale, please let me know. I'm using the OPEN-EZ digital files (awesome)...but I'd still like to get a paper version of the original plans. Thanks! Howard (hplevyak@mac.com)
  6. Thanks Tim! I was just in Grand Rapids a few days ago. I used GRT avionics in my GlaStar....great stuff. I'm researching the insurance costs of Long-EZ -vs- Berkut. Berkut costs are steering me towards an Open-EZ. But not a final decision yet. Perseverance is the key to any build project for sure. Howard
  7. Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Howard Plevyak and I live in Cincinnati, OH. I'm flying out of KHAO (Butler Hamilton Airport "Hogan Field", Cincinnati, OH). My current aircraft is a GlaStar that I built from a kit. It's an incredible utilitarian design that I love flying! It has wonderful flying qualities. I'm looking at building the Long-EZ (Open-EZ) next...as my build itch is back! I've read the PoH, and build plans and it looks like a doable project. Especially like the pay for materials as you go...with a plans build. I'm working thru the newsletters now. I plan to attend the Canard Fly-In (hoping it's still a go) to see how I fit inside the Long-EZ. Hoping a few Long-EZ flyers there will let me sit in theirs, and maybe a flight demo! My background is as an Aero Engineer (Aeronca Aerospace, then USAF 10 years, F-16 Flight test 5 years, F-22 fighter development 5 years). I'm now doing software development...jobs are more stable than Aerospace industry. Hoping to learn a ton from this forum as I research my decision to pull the trigger on building a Long-EZ and make some new friends! Sincerely, Howard
  8. Hello everyone! I'm just getting started on research to build my next experimental aircraft. I'm looking at both the Berkut and Long-EZ (Open-EZ) airframes. Is anyone aware of a Berkut Kit for sale? Reading through the forum...it sounds like it can be tough finding a complete kit, and one has to scrounge quite a bit to locate parts to complete the kit. Thank-you, Howard

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