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Cable Tube Guides

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See attached pictures.  The nylon tubing used as with the rubber cables (both inboard and outboard) had become brittle and cracked off external to the wing.  The outboard end probably isn't too much of an issue as it still has a bit of protection from the skin/structure.  The inboard end cracked off about 3/16" inside the skin.  I assume it would start cutting into the glass and potentially get pinched.  

Is there a accepted fix for this or do I have to carve a bigger hole and splice on new tubing inside the skin?  

rudder_cable_sleeve 1.jpg

rudder_cable_sleeve 2.jpg

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Yeah, mine looks like your first picture but it is mostly a cosmetic problem.  The nylon inside that has not been exposed to UV will be fine.  Couple of ideas:

-If you are willing to replace the cable you could perhaps drill out a half-inch of the old nylon and flox in a new short piece of nylon; use a guide inside the tube to maintain alignment until the flox cures.

- Or maybe enlarge the hole and glue in a small puck of UHMW material at the surface or a short length of UHMW rod.  



Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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