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Aileron Hinge Pin Teflon Sleeves

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I removed the ailerons to check the balance due to the previous owner having painted the VariEze.  3 of the 4 hinge pins had the teflon sleeve enhancement where the standard pin was replaced with a thinner pin and a teflon sleeve.  The sleeve would not slide out, so I had to use a razor and cut it at each junction of the hinge halves. 

Anyone have a source for the sleeve material when I reinstall?



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I bought some from McMaster-Carr.   Teflon 0.125 OD, a wall thickness of 0.010, an ID of 0.105, and uses a 0.094 302 SS welding rod pin.


BTW, I found the specs here:  "Resource Guide for Non-builder owners of canard aircraft"  For some reason I could not get the PDF version to load but there is a .doc version


Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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