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Powder coating

John W

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Thinking about power coating all the metal control linkage parts made from 4130 steel or aluminum.  I think this may give better rust/corrosion control than Zink chromite.  Have any of you tried this and what were your results?  Only comment I could find on powder coating was in DBFN 82, page 4, but mostly referred to landing gear and motor mounts.  I am primarily interested in the feasibility of using power coating on the small rods and linkage between stick and elevator/ailerons, as they are not yet installed.

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It's "Zinc Chromate" but that's an old-fashioned coating.  🙂  You might read this thread on the Cozybuilders list. 


I paint the engine mount with white Rustoleum.  It is easy to touch up or remove if you need to weld a crack.  I use a two-part epoxy primer on the aluminum pieces which has great adhesion, then paint over that if you like but AFAIK, powder coating is more chip-resistant than paint.  Folks say the powder-coat oven will ruin the aluminum heat treat but I just read a study that says no.  I have no opinion on powder coating except that processes like that slow down the building.

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