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  1. John W

    Powder coating

    Thinking about power coating all the metal control linkage parts made from 4130 steel or aluminum. I think this may give better rust/corrosion control than Zink chromite. Have any of you tried this and what were your results? Only comment I could find on powder coating was in DBFN 82, page 4, but mostly referred to landing gear and motor mounts. I am primarily interested in the feasibility of using power coating on the small rods and linkage between stick and elevator/ailerons, as they are not yet installed.
  2. Looking for help in choosing engine and landing gear for Dragonfly. Just COMPLEETED reading and indexing all 128 issues of Dragonfly newsletters. Thanks to Pat Panzera for link to the DBFN files. Also, thanks to Ray Parker for allowing me to visit his flying DF at Butler Co. Airport in Ohio. Big help. After many years of barn storage, I now feel I am somewhat more knowledgeable and ready to dive head on into completion. One thing for sure, the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know. My partners and I have decided to go from M-1 to MK-3 because only one of us is proficient with tail dragger. So, my first question is: What are you guy’s using for nose gear. I am aware DB-5 nose gear being used but think it may be a little weak?? Second question: The Corvair engine was just becoming popular in Dragonfly when last DBFN newsletter was published. The mod-4 VW engine would be a good choice but thinking the Corvair may start with a more solid build. Also, is my assumption correct that a six cylinder would run with a little less vibration. Have any significant issues occurred with the Corvair conversions I need to be aware of? P.S. Just now found the “Powerplant” section in forums. Will be reading as I wait response. Thanks
  3. John W


    I have similar situation. Looking for complete copies of all Dragonfly newsletters so I can restart my dragonfly project. Any help appreciated. jwietlisba@nalu.net Thanks geeksville.com does not appear to have any valid or current links to DF newsletters. Any other ideas I may try? I am sending email to Patrick Panzera at ContactMagazine to see if available there.

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