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SOLD: Q2 Kit for sale as well as modified VW engine

Joe Kayak

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I have a Quickie Q2 kit purchased in 1981 by my father for $10,000.  Everything is in its original boxes including the modified by Revmaster VW engine. My father never did anything with the kit besides store it. Some of the boxes have suffered over the years but all the parts seem to be in excellent condition including the engine. Enclosed are a few photos but, I have photos of everything. I have all the plans, packing lists, correspondence, etc. I am asking $5000 or best offer for the kit and $2500 or best offer for the engine. Manual.thumb.jpg.d20e9d4333202978e7648992210e2bac.jpg51704530_PlansR.thumb.jpg.b161c29b27690218b39e475b5f154c19.jpg1438547002_TwoBigBoxes.thumb.jpg.b542b155e404da1a491e704ebb9032d1.jpg1518216505_SmallBoxes.thumb.jpg.6e34c0d44862867b9d533ba8f93618f7.jpg71903001_EngineBoxSide.thumb.jpg.b9c4a9a48e6681ef00e5fff02477e85e.jpgEngine.thumb.jpg.2c9c039cf999d222d7175b03b911352d.jpg2004105795_NtsBlts2.thumb.jpg.73be72de5a8706403e88276b8054834c.jpg

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Kit and engine have been sold. Kit went for $500, biggest hold backs on price were age of kit (still in boxes) and lack of carbon fiber wing supports. Engine (modified VW) was sold for $1250. It is being sent back to Revmaster in California to be updated, originally purchased in 1982 and had not been taken out of original box.


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  • Jon Matcho changed the title to SOLD: Q2 Kit for sale as well as modified VW engine

Replied on another thread of yours but will comment here. Yes, that seems to be the going price for these because of the upgrade to the LS1 airfoil change and the tube carbon fiber spar. The other mods are easier to implement.

When I had my Q2 kit (which I sadly sold) they were really helpful at Revmaster and upgrading was a reasonable cost.

Congrats on the sale!

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