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  1. Nice! I had a kit for the Q2 but ended up selling it.
  2. The Yahoo groups Q-List is probably the most active group. There's also a Q-Performance group on Yahoo but that's mainly for those that use non-authorized engines. Where did you get yours? "Fast little Airplanes"? It looks nice.
  3. Yes, it sold. I bought it and it's now home in Tennessee.
  4. Andrew, thanks for the encouragement. I've been around homebuilts a good while but could never really afford to build one (other than an ultralight). It seems like this one is really coming together. I have sold my Q2 kit without even posting it on a for sale list and the delivery is exactly on my way to Portland. And about 3 days ago I was hired at a job, that combined with my other self employed job (with a good steady income) I really will have the income stream to build this kit. And my wife is really excited about the Cozy as opposed to the Q2. She wants to be able to take some baggage when we go see our future grandkids. And maybe have space to steal one or two of them for a while.
  5. Andrew, I talked to Merrill and he was pleasantly negotiable on the price. So sometime in July this crazy old man is making a 5000 mile round trip with his son to go pick up some foam and molded parts. There's even a slight possibility that I may be delivering my Q2 kit to someone on the way before I pick up the Aerocanard. I've never been to Portland so we plan on making it a vacation and stop in Yellowstone for a few days on the way back. Never been to Yellowstone either. By the pictures it looks like the foam is in good shape. I'm assuming by that comment it's meant that if the foam is damaged it can be easily removed. When I first read it I thought you meant that the foam needed to be removed for some reason.
  6. It was good talking to you Merrill. My wife is excited to make the trip with me to Oregon!
  7. Tom, Good to hear you're going to keep at it. If I had figured out a way to come up with the cash I was gonna pull the trigger on your deal! Rick - Tullahoma
  8. Oh. Wrong answer. Should have been Tullahoma, TN
  9. Sooo, where are you located? How do we get in touch?
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