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Hello from Arkansas

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Greetings Group. About 20 years ago, I purchased a set of Long-EZ plans and starting building. As life goes, family and military obligations prevented me from devoting the time needed to see it to completion. Well...after 26 years of military service, I'm retiring and my wife decided to reward me with her stamp of approval to buy a partially completed Long-EZ. So, last week, I bought a Long-EZ project and trailered it back to Little Rock. I'm interested in connecting with other canard builders in this area. 

Thanks - Paul (Talon) Centinaro

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11 hours ago, Paul C said:

I bought the Long-EZ listed on B-Stormers out of Livingston TX. What a great deal with O-320 engine! I'm still looking over everything but so far, everything looks phenomenally well built to plans.

Ah yes, that was a very sweet deal  https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/21972-sales-ive-seen/?do=findComment&comment=63509    It is usually not a problem to get a repairman's certificate on an unfinished project but take lots of pics and keep a log of your work.  It also helps to have bills-of-sale/pics/receipts and or builder's logs from the previous builders if a squirrely inspector wants you to prove it was built by "amateurs".   How experienced are you as a builder?  Know about Aeroelectric Connection?  http://www.aeroelectric.com  That Bob Nuckolls is a big help for us all.  Good building!


Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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I purchased a set of Long-EZ plans about 20 years ago and built up to chapter 8 (I think but it's been a long time). Then...I got married and started a family. Somehow, between work and family, the project took a back seat and (sadly) had to sell it. After 26 years of military service, I am retiring from the Air Force in September and decided it was time to revive my Long-EZ dream. So, I probably don't consider myself an "experienced" builder but I am an A&P and have pretty solid mechanical abilities (and I am eager to learn). With the A&P, I don't think a Repairman's Certificate is necessary (but I will do research just in case). The project came with a pretty extensive library of old Polaroid pictures and an "OK" builder's log...but I'm still going through the entire plane to check everything. The previous owner said he wired the plane exactly per the Aeroelectric guidance so that should make things a little easier to verify.

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