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    San Diego Ez Squadron (past member), RACE (unofficial historian), Web Editor eaa165.org
    Books written: https://www.amazon.com/John-G-Lambert/e/B00DWSF0QG/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1

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    VariEze - Sold in 2005, Long-Ez project - Sold in 2019

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  1. This is a very stock per plans VariEze with excellent workmanship. I was involved with the initial construction on the Fuselage, Wings & canard. I would go to Ron’s house and do a hot wire cut, foam carving or layup on his VariEze, then he would come to my house and do the same on my VariEze. For the next part, we would switch the order, so no one A/C was a learning curve. Ron was flying Ken Brock Gyrocopters before he built the VariEze, and gyros seem to have been his first love, developing into one of this nation’s leading Gyro instructors, and Gyro kit assemblers. His VariEze is being sold as he has not had the time for it the A/C deserves! This in a good solid well built VariEze that Ron has always kept in a hangar. Best regards John Lambert From Ron: My VariEze N 718 RM has the following history: First flight-- Sept 19, 1982 Last flight--march 12th 2010 Total time engine/ airframe 1,040 hrs Total time on new engine rebuilt 35 hrs New engine installed 2004 $25,000 Ronald Menzie [ronsgyros@gmail.com]VariEze For Sale.pdf 501-766-6456
  2. Paul You might be better off waiting on rebuilding the O-320. We can talk about my reasoning after we meet up, per the other post reply I just made. John Lambert

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