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Full dual control


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I built an EZ with stick, throttle and mixture.  I have seen EZs with rudders but rudders are not used much in the canards above slow-flight speed and rudders with brakes in the back would be complex--never seen that.    The R/C/P throttle and mixture in mine are moved by rods (pic 3).


IMO, the seats are very comfortable as-is although the back seat is tight at the shoulders.  If you plan to widen the back, you have to do that early in the build.  You can gain another inch in the front across the forearms by scalloping-out the fuselage where the forearms rest (pic 1).  Some simple footrests in back with toe-holes in the front seat will also help the ergos.




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Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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Hi, has anyone built a Long EZ with full dual controls...

A number of LE's have been built with full dual controls (including rudders, but not brakes, which are not legally considered "flight controls") in the rear seat.


This makes the plane legal for instruction and Flight Reviews.

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