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Hi All


Looking for some parts for the airbrake and the handle for the nose lift.


If you got eny other parts for a cozy mk3 please write :o)



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Kim,  You might want to make a handle if you have the tools because (1) you will have to weld or rivet a shaft later on it later and (2) the plans handle needs a mod to keep it from rotating which requires some welding.  Below is a handle with a long nut drilled out and welded on it.  The nut passes through a suitable ratchet wrench that is adapted to the instrument panel.


For the landing brake, I have installed both the manual brake and the electric brake and the electric one is only a few ounces heavier and easier to install, IMO.  There are very few parts to make for the electric brake and there is a fair amount of fiddling to install the cable-operated mechanism on the manual brake.  If you need the actuator number, I will look it up for you.



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