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Hull Insurance cost for a Long EZ


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I don't know but my liability is $577 through Falcon Ins.  Do you really need hull?  In 45 years I have never had collision on my cars or hull on my airplanes and not regretted it . . .so far.    :-)  


If your liability-only was $700/year, then in 10 years you'd pay around $ 16,000 for the extra hull, factoring in 5% inflation.  You could make a lot of repairs for $16K or put the $16K you saved towards another EZ.


I suppose if you are getting a loan for the EZ, you have to have it.

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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Thanks Kent for your reply.


My liability insurance quote is close to yours using the same supplier.  My only concern about hull insurance is I live in Indiana where we have some really bad weather (Tornados) and a friend of mine went to Sun n Fun a few years ago and his RV6 was destroyed when another plane flipped on top of his due to bad weather.  This has made me a little nervous about having it un-insured but at this time I think $1,700 a year is excessively expensive.


Thanks again for your reply.


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