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  1. Thanks Kent for your reply. My liability insurance quote is close to yours using the same supplier. My only concern about hull insurance is I live in Indiana where we have some really bad weather (Tornados) and a friend of mine went to Sun n Fun a few years ago and his RV6 was destroyed when another plane flipped on top of his due to bad weather. This has made me a little nervous about having it un-insured but at this time I think $1,700 a year is excessively expensive. Thanks again for your reply. Jerry
  2. I was quoted $1,700 for Hull insurance on my Long EZ. This is for $38,00 in Hull insurance only. Is this in the ball park of what other EZs are being insured for?
  3. Marc Thanks for your reply. I tend to over think a problem. I had also read that I should add weight to the outboard mass balance weight but I had also read that keeping the elevator as light as possible helps reduce the distructive low frequency isolations so I was not sure what direction to go. I will add the weight to the outboard mass balance weight as you have suggested. My background is in mechanical engineering and product design but I am not an aeronautical engineer so I am trying to be extremely causes when I make changes on my plane. Thanks again Jerry
  4. I am installing an autopilot trim servo to my Long EZ. I mounted the control servo to the bottom of the canard. I have mounted a 0.50" dia. X 1.00" lg. aluminum tube spacer and an AN3 bolt and nut to the left CS12 bracket. The spacer, bolt and nut connects to the elevator trim servo control rod. I believe these items need to be included in the weight and balance of the elevator. I have weighed the elevator with the spacer, bolt, and nut. The weight is 3 lb. 10 oz. which is under the 3 lb. 14 oz. max weight but the balance is 9 degrees which is outside the 12-22 degree balance limit. I can move the balance to 15 degrees by adding 1.8 oz. of lead weight to the outboard CS10 weight OR remove around 3 oz. of weight from the inboard CS11 weight. I am not sure what the corrective solution should be. Has anyone addressed this issue on your plane? I Would appreciate your input. Jerry324
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