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Hi All;


Before I call Dynon or start pulling things out from behind the panel, I wanted to know if anyone has had a similar experience.  I have a Dynon D10 installed in my Vari panel, and have had no issues.  Today, though, I powered it up and....nothing.  There was a perhaps 1/10 second blink of the screen, then it was black.  I do have the backup battery installed, so theoretically it should have switched to that immediately upon turning the main power off.  Nothing.


Fuse checks good, and other instruments on the panel (Main and Avionics bus) are working fine.


Sound familiar to anyone?


I read something last night about disconnecting the backup batt and retrying.....then the next step seems to be call Dynon and get ready to ship.


Thanks for any pointers or "I-did-this-and-it-was-all-better" stories.








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