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Aluminium Wings for the Verieze


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Hi all,

I'm new at this so please be pateint with me. I aquired a VEZ not to long ago and to my dismay I found corrosion in 2 of the spar plates. I was wondering would it be easier to fab aluminium wings instead of going through a 1980 built VEZ? Could use some (a lot) of help. 




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Aluminum wings?


Wow. Are you willing to take on the task of designing a new airplane from scratch?

New spar? New winglets? New spar attach? New controls? Maybe new fuselage? Basically, a new airplane?


That's what you'd be in for, I believe. Sure, it's possible ....


BTW, aluminum spars have been known to corrode as well.


Your best bet might be to seek advice on replacing the spar plates.

Mark Z offers excellent, professional advice.

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Thanks for the advice. I don't think I'll go that route of designing an aluminium wing. I'm just a bit shy at glass work. 


Once you get over the hump you'll look back and wonder why you were so shy.  You can buy a composites practice kit from Wicks or Aircraft Spruce, attend a composites workshop from EAA, or best yet, find someone and participate a bit in their building sessions.

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
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You might get with the EAA Chapter in Spokane and find out who is building or has built a Rutan design. http://www.eaa79.org      It would be good to get some instruction from Rutan builders than a generic fiberglass shop and they will lead you to more information.  Rutan's moldless construction is simple but rather specialized for his aircraft.


Your chief problem seems to be whether the wing fitting corrosion is repairable.  You need to figure that out pretty quick because if it isn't, a lot of your Vari project will need to be tossed.  I would recommend calling Marc Zeitlin for a start here   http://www.cozybuilders.org    He is very experienced and can tell you what can be done practically.  He is at Oshkosh this week, though.


Another chap that would know is Burrall Sanders, here  http://www.freeflightcomposites.com  A few phone calls will tell you a lot, I think.

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Thanks for your info. I did contact my EAA group. Come to find out there is someone on the field that built a Long EZ. I also have had some communication with Mark Z. and, gave me Valerie's number who's with EZJets. Valerie has given me loads of information. 

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