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Prop building

Kent Ashton

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O.K, built a prop carver/copier and have been puzzling about how to build a prop with it.  Will post some things here that seem interesting.


At first, I had in mind to just copy a known good prop but I saw this idea (pic) for how to use templates-on-a-jig with the copier.  The copier runs over the templates and carves the station profiles on the blank prop, then a little work with the chisel and spoke-shave and Bob's-your-uncle.  Found the picture in this power point file.  


Propeller Design Workshop Part II.pps


Many nice pics of various styles of propellers here







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Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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This presentation directly addresses the Ellipse Prop by Paul Lipps, and explains (on page 31) why it's not an appropriate design methodology.


Interestingly, he also addresses McGinnis' methodology on page 33 (used on the theoretical "Synergy" aircraft, being built in Montana).

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