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Lighter Weight Material


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In the decades since the original L.E. plans came out there have been all kinds of advances in terms of building material. Is there something lighter/stronger/better than good old BID and UNI ? How much more would it cost ? How much weight could I expect to save ?

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Lighter/stronger/better materials have been available for some time, but the answer isn't as simple as analyzing costs vs. weight benefits on a material-by-material basis.  One would need to analyze and determine the overall impact of such changes to the system as a whole.  Strengthening one area typically moves stress points elsewhere within the system, so you would need to determine where the loads were moved to and whether those areas are now strong enough as well.


Some areas require much less thought, such as engine cowlings (can be made of carbon fiber).  There are several downsides as well which should be known and considered before putting on your


Still, it can be done if you're so skilled (mechanical engineering) and motivated.  However, I'd personally wait for such improvements until after you've built Randy EZ #1.

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Nothing really better than in the plans.  Carbon fiber is 4-5 times the cost of glass and requires re-engineering the layups  Good for cowls, though.  People who build a lot of parts (Aerocad, Dennis Oehlman/Oelmann (sp?)) use triaxial fiberglass cloth to save a little wet-out time but it is still just fiberglass. 

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