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Missing Plans


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Hi all,

I did start a thread, but it appears to be gone now. Not sure what happened. I have the TERF Cds and was reading through the plans part A for the Varieze. I got to the part of the fuselage construction where it tells you to refer to sheet A1 to get the firewall template. I can't seem to find this on the CD. Does anyone have a copy of it that I can beg, buy, borrow. I think the instrument panel and front bulkheads are on there too. If they are on the CD, I can't see where. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.




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The only drawings that I am aware of that are accessable are for the Long-EZ. That is the main reasoning behind builders deciding to start a Long-EZ project vs. a Vari-Eze project. Add to that the availabilty of prefabricated parts that exist for the Long.

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That is disappointing. It is a shame to see an end to this great plane. I realise that the LongEZ is the bigger "better" version, but the varieze is smaller and lighter. This makes a big difference!


Oh well




Don't lose all hope. There are some Varis with a Long type wing attach mech. Obviously this is a major engineering change that would require engineering input so don't go it alone. I don't remember who or where these are but there are some photos on this forum I think.


I think a Vari/Long hybrid will meet your requirements for a purely scratch built aircraft for RAA registration which I figure is your intention.

Adrian Smart

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Mike Drew's wing attach is part of the Jiran pre-fabricated wing system that was used on a very limited number of VariEzes. it is NOT a Long-EZ wing attach scheme, and is essentially as "mechanically intensive" (parts-wise) as the per-plans wing attach.


Early in the VariEze program, Rutan looked at the potential for prefabricated wings for the the VEZ. Several sets were built by Jiran, and RAF concluded that the cost and effort had no advantage over the per-plans wing configuration. Go back and study your Canard Pusher newsletters for the story here.


The per-plans VEZ wing attach scheme is lighter than the Jiran-wing type system.


And yes, I am not posting based on some distant belief or theory (as some seem to) - Mike Drew's hangar is abot 100 feet from mine, and I have looked at his wing attach system in very close detail (wings on and wings off). Mike is not the original builder.


FWIW, the TERF CDs were never configured (content-wise) to allow the construction of one of the RAF designs - this is why the full-size templates were not included in the dataset.


-Joe Person

EAA Tech Counselor 4418

VariEze N79JN

Bothell, WA (KPAE)

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Thanks for the info Jo,

The history of the wing fitting in the pictures is sure good to know. I do like it though and shows that there are ez's out there that are flying well and not entirely per the original plans for whatever reason that was.


I think the TERF cds are great and appreciate the reason they were produced and also the hours of effort that has gone into them.


I just wish I had a copy of those extra sheets too. I hope to track them down one way or another. SO if anyone out there wants to help, please contact me.




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