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Canard Change


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Can a VariEze's canard be changed over to the LongEze's Roncz canard?

There are a few VE's flying with a Roncz canard, but there are some major incidence and span changes that are required to do it safely. Before attempting such a thing, I'd get in touch with all the VE folks that have done so.
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There is at least one VariEze that has a shortened Roncz R1145MS canard flying (Nigel Field, I'm told approx 118" span but not certain if that's with/without tips included), and there are a number of Vari-Ezes flying both in the USA and FRance with a modified Roncz known around the traps as the Savier aerofoil, and developed by Klaus Savier. The Savier appears to have a slightly longer chord and there is a small cove lip.


In terms of the VEZE, the use of the Roncz should be evaluated with extreme caution and validated via compelling aerodynamic justification prior to flight test.


The use of the Savier should be via Klaus's approval only as I understand it. Cove lips on slotted flaps is not something one should test fly without strong aerodynamic justficiation as well...


There are incidence changes involved as well per Marc's statements.



Wayne Blackler

IO-360 Long EZ


Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


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