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Regulator Replacement


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I'm in need of guidance regarding a part number for the regulator on my Long EZ. The original builder is no longer with us and his notes do not identify this part. He installed a Nippondenso alternator part number 02100-3540-12V-12M. The regulator is black with five wires of which two (white), were not used. The wires being used are green, black, and red. The regulator shows two numbers: 6HD and what appears to be 1762, but not entirely sure. I sure would appreciate any guidance from group members. Our local automparts folks have not been able to help me determine a replacement regulator. Thanks in advance.


Lane Taylor


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Consider a B & C LR-3 regulator. Very nice piece of kit. B & C makes quality stuff. You would probably have to modify your alternator to remove the internal regulator if it has one. An auto electric shop can do it for you.




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Any idea what that alternator was used in?


Also, Some auto parts houses have a photo book. (I think Lester puts it out). Find the photo of your alternator and it gives you the vehicle the alternator was used in.


Odds are real good, if you find the alternator, you'll find the regulator also.



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