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Ch:7 Side Layups Overlap Onto F22?


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In Chapter 7, the plans instruct to radius the edge of F22 (3/16") so that the bottom fuselage layup can overlap 1" onto the forward face of F22. The plans do not instruct to overlap the fuselage side layups onto F22, and in fact in a small diagram, the words "knife trim" are directed towards the forward face of F22. Are we supposed to only overlap the bottom layup onto F22 (and the firewall) and not the side layups?


One drawback of creating a radius on the side of F22 is that the thick layup portion of F22 will be made smaller (thinner). No radius, no overlap.


Anyway, what have other builders done?



Andrew Anunson

Cozy MKIV Plans #1273

Andrew Anunson

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From memory.... (disclaimer meaning I could be wrong)


I overlaped both the bottom and sides onto the front face of F22. I think I let mine completely overhand into the F22 openings and then flush trimmed them later. Maybe a tiny bit of extra weight, but simple to trim up later with a router or fein.


Make sure you sand the 1" wide depression in the side and bottom before putting sanding the radius. Otherwise you'll just have to sand the radius again. not a big deal.


You are hardly removing any glass at all with a 3/16 radius. I don't see any issue.


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Drew Chaplin (aka the Foam Whisperer)


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