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Floxing Upper Longerons


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Just a quick sanity check. I am preparing to glass the fuselage sides and I noticed that despite my best efforts, the upper edge of the foam sides are not "perfect". When I put in a 3/4" board as a spacer, I notice a small gap in the middle, maybe around 1/16th or so. Not much.


Now when I flox the upper longerons in, weigh them down and clamp them to the spacers, the tops of the longerons are not going to be flush with the foam.


I am pretty sure this is ok, as the goal is to ensure that the longerons are straight and parallel to each other correct?


Thanks for the help! Truckin' away over here and loving it!



Cozy MKIV #1565 (Chapter 6)

Charlotte, NC

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One man's opinion :)


The longerons need to be straight along the top, mostly for future chapters.

As to how much foam is showing, it doesn't make much difference near the front, but does at the aft end. The front get's pretty well whacked off when you contour the sides. Aft needs to be flush.


The bottom triangular longerons are located from the top longeron. The front half can be a tad shy of the foam, not so in the aft. If anything I would have run my aft foams 1/8" longer.


I think Rick Maddy has a good sketch of what might happen at the aft foam. www.maddyhome.com/


I think I have a fair writeup on my site too.



Rick Hall; MK-IV plans #1477; cozy.zggtr.org

Build status: 1-7, bits of 8-9, 10, 14 done! Working on engine/prop/avionics.
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