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Question on pre-buy inspections


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Where would one look to find a good mechanic to do a pre-buy inspection on a canard plane? Google comes up short on this one.

One would look to the canard experts, and one could find many of them by asking on the canard-aviators mailing list. You should post your location, and as much information about the plane as you know. You should request information on who, near you, is available. You should then consult with folks in the community whom you respect and trust as to whether the names you've collected will be appropriate for the task at hand.


There's a relatively short list of 10-20 folks around the country that do this on a regular basis, and a lot more who have the ability, having built one or more quality aircraft. All depends on where you are, who you know, and how detailed you want to get.

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You can always check with David Orr (Beagle).

He's listed on this forum in the members directory as David A. C. Orr (I believe.)

He works a lot with locating good canard aircraft and depending on proximety, he may be able to help.


Another suggestion would be to join the Central States group. They produce a directory of canard fliers/builders organized by state, city.


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