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  1. Hi all, Its time for the first conditional inspection on my plane since I bought it. I need to find someone who can do it. I'm based in Miami and I'm looking for someone that is familiar with Long-EZs. The regular mechainc is good enough to work on the O-320 engine but he doesn't know anything about Long-EZs and I'd rather not pay him by the hour as he tries to figure out how to take the wings off. I can fly it to the mechainic so anywhere in Florida is OK. Dan N81HM
  2. Hi Tony, I just had the same problem. I have an Ellison throttle body and I couldn't understand why, lately, I was always flooding the engine. Everytime after I would stop it, I couldn't start it again. It turned out that some part in the carb was damaged and the fuel flow was always going through even when the mixture was at cutoff. I got stranded at Boca and had to send the carb to the manufacturer to be rebuilt. They charged $438.88. A new one was $950 so I think yours should probably be in the same price range for repairs since they are in the same price range for new. I can't help you with were to send it though since yours is a different type and they only work on their own brand, naturally. I just did a short flight around Homestead today and it flies beautifully again. It sounds like you are getting close to flying. I'm looking forward to flying with you when you gether in the air. I need someone flying next to me to get some good pictures of my plane.
  3. I'll plan on going. I'm in South Florida and Mississippi is not very far as the EZ flies.
  4. I measured the size of my current gas caps and it was 3". These http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/appages/lwsprlfc.php are 70mm, which is just a little under 3". Is it likely that my measurement was off by just a little and these would fit? Are the openings pretty much standard size? Last question: we don't need vented gas caps because we have the fuel vent at the back of the plane above the passanger seat, right?
  5. Hi all, I'm writing fron my phone cause computer's down so may look bad... Yes i need to find out if it was the nut or the boltthat was stripped, I plan to buy replacement parts for both si will be able to replace the right one when i get to the plane and only have to take the thing off once. By the way. what size bolt is that for the nosewheel? I've been reading up on the termiknology so I can understand whatthe numbers mean better. As for the tire... I replaced the tube because it has aleak. The tire itself looks fine. Sorry if i used the wrong term earlier(longest phone message ever)
  6. So, last weekend I changed my first flat tire on my Long-EZ. I had a spare tube and I took the tire off and took the tube out and replaced it. Kind of simple, except for getting the nut off because part of the cotter pin broke off inside and sort of stripped the inside of the nut so that it turned freely but wouldn't come off. Anyway, I've heard people talk about having to split the tire in half to change it but I didn't have to do that. I could just pull the old tube out and put the new one in. Did I do it wrong? I only taxied with it but it seemed to work fine. Also, I want to order another spare tube and/or tire. What size should I order and where should I get them from?
  7. I'm not sure but I think so. I don't remember seeing it before. No I didn't just paint and I didn't build it. Since it is under the fuel tank my concern is that it might be a fuel leaking into the structure. I hope not but I will try the razor blade and see what's in there.
  8. I have a small soft area under the wing along the fusalage on the left side. I guess this is delamination but it is very soft and spongy. How should I go about fixing this and is it a ver yserious concern until it is fixed? Here is a picture I took: http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/2238/imag0063k.jpg
  9. Hi. I have a gel battery in my Long-EZ. I thought I heard somewhere that you can not jump start a gel battery. Is that true? I assume you can put one on a charger though otherwise once they are dead there would be nothing one could do. As you might have guessed, mine is dead. Well, not completely dead but dead enough that it won't start the plane.
  10. Hi All, Recently I have found a lot of water in my gas tanks and I think I have gas caps that are leaking. What kind of gas caps do you recommend and where can I purchase them?
  11. My Long-EZ parks outside and we get terrible rains down here in May and June. I went out to fly yesterday and found a couple of inches of water in teh nose. I spend 30 minutes bailing water out and then soaking more of it up with a towel. How do you keep water out of the plane (other than putting it in a hanger which is not an option). I think most of the water came in through the elevator openings in the canard. I've wrapped that are with some plastic bags and stuffed the ends into the holes. I hope that makes a difference. Does anyone have a better solution? Also, when I lifted the nose up a lot of water ran out of the wing. I have tape over most of the seams between the areas wher the wings attach but some of it has come off. It is no big deal if water gets in there because it will drain out once the nose is lifted up, right? It can't get in anything important right? I mean soem people don't even tape up those areas.
  12. Hi all, I posted two videos of recent flights to Yahoo video. A flight along Miami Beach: http://video.yahoo.com/watch/4937849/13151046 A flight home from Key West: http://video.yahoo.com/watch/5125324/13583492 Quality is so-so since I was using a still camera in video mode. Also I was doing the filming and the flying for the Miami Beach one so its not as good. Enjoy.
  13. What tools will I need to take off the canard? The hobbs is on the side of the pilot's headrest and the wire that came lose is on the right side of the panel. This is the real disadvantage of not having a hanger-- working out in the hot South Florida sun.
  14. He built it. It's been mine since 3/24/2009
  15. Last Saturday I was returning from Orlando and I called on the radio to announce entering the pattern at an uncontrolled airport "Long-EZ 81HM entering left downwind...". Another plane nearby heard it and diverted to the airport just to see my plane and ask me questions about it. They were a nice couple. The man used his plane (Eurocoupe) to commute between North Carolina and South Florida and he was looking for something faster. We talked for a little while as I tied up and began cleaning the plane. Like everyone else I’ve talked with, he said he hoped he could get a ride some time. You don’t get reactions like that renting a Cessna.

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