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Long Eze build time

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I've never built a Cozy IV, But I would guess that is almost a scale factor. The Cozy IV is larger and a little more complex.


I would WAG about 10% - 15% more time and cost to build the Cozy IV vs the LongEZ



F16 performance on a Piper Cub budget

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I have built two MkIVs and currently finishing up a LongEZ. The MkIV is easier to build for two major reasons. The instrument panel is huge compared to the Long panel. This means not only more realestate to install widgets but more room behind (forward) of the panel to route wiring, hoses etc. The second factor is at the other end. The LongEZ firewall is so small that it is a challenge to mount all the hardware that needs to be bolted up. I have an 0320 on the LongEZ. It gets a little frustrating at times trying to wedge things in. Both airplanes are well worth the effort you put into them.

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Having built a Longeze and am about 2/3 done with the structure of a Cozy IV I would say that the Longeze is about what Waiter said 15%-20% less work. I really like some of the things that Nat added to the Cozy IV.

The Turtle back and Canopy is a whole lot harder than building a Long. There is a lot more jigging in the IV than the Long If somebody would have given me a set of Longeze plans before I started on the Cozy I would have built another Longeze. There are some things about the Cozy that I like a whole lot more than the Longeze. I like the way the main gear is mounted and the way the motor mount attaches to the airframe. Nat spent more time figuring out nice things too like drip rails and wiring helpers. They are different airframes to build so in some ways hard to compare. I plan on building an open ez when I am done with the Cozy I will probably incorporate several cozy features into that build. Build on Steve

Steve Harmon

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I just came across some original unused Long Eze plans for next to nothing.


I was considering a Cozy Mk IV.


Question, is a Long Eze any faster to build than a Cozy?

build the airplane thats best suits your wants and needs. there is a lot of time and money in these projects , a lot more then just the cost of the plans. you will be involved with it for a long time during the build but also a very long time when it is done. it is not like a model airplane, if you don't like the one you are building this month you can build a different one next month. most people are lucky to finish one airplane so it is more likely to get finished if it is the one that you really want to own and fly when it is done.

Evolultion Eze RG -a two place side by side-200 Knots on 200 HP. A&P / pilot for over 30 years

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