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painting lift tabs


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Could I get some advice on finishing the canard lift tabs? Here are a few specific questions I have:


1) Since the canard lift tabs from CG Products have a nice bead blasted and alodined surface, is it recommended to paint them or leave them as they are?

(If painting, I would do this before installation and mask the areas that will be bonded inside the canard). If so...

2) Should I spray it with zinc chromate primer first?

3) Can I expect a partial 8-year-old can of zinc chromate primer to still be any good once I give it a good shake?

4) Is a Tremclad-type outdoor paint or an automotive touch-up paint from a spray can good enough for this application or is there a specialty product that should be used?




Joe Polenek


Cozy Mk IV #1550

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I haven't heard of anyone painting them but its your choice. The Alodine is a good material etch and corrosion inhibitor by itself. My opinion is that if you paint them you can't inspect the for corrosion or (God forbid) stress cracks. They'll be fine as-is.

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